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Legal Compliance Alert: Reminder on 2021’s Quota for Using Foreign Labour Force in Cambodia

Based on Prakas of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, all enterprises and establishments shall apply for quota no later than the end of November each year in order to use of foreign employee. For year 2021, the application period is extended to 31st January 2020. Being close to the deadline, we would like to remind all companies employing or intending to employe foreign worker to apply for this approval before the deadline to avoid any possible penalty.

Application Deadline

31st January 2021.


By law, any enterprise wishing to employ foreign work force shall obtain permission from the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training. The request shall specify clearly about the current number of Cambodia worker and foreign worker, and the reason to use foreign worker. Generally, this request shall be made no later than the end of November each year, but the Ministry may extend the application period. The use of foreign worker is limited to 10% of Cambodia workers:

  • Office personnel: 3%
  • Specialized personnel: 6%
  • Non-specialized personnel: 1%

In case there is the need to use foreign worker more than 10%, the employer shall clearly mention each foreign worker’s qualification and the actual nature of work to perform.

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