Legal and Tax Updates

Legal Update: Prevention of Demolition and Destruction of Heritage Buildings

Issue: No. 030P/21-20 October 2021

Following the Circular No. 08SR dated  12 October 2021 on “preventing the demolition and destruction of heritage buildings”,  to comply with the Law on the Protection of Cultural Heritage No. NS/RKM/0196/26 dated 25 January 1996 and to aiming at promoting heritage conservation and sustainable development, the Royal Government would like to make the following recommendations:

  • Prohibits the alteration of exterior features or damaging the beauty of urban heritage sites.
  • Prevent all demolition and change of cultural, historic, ancient, and heritage buildings in a move to conserve them.
  • All the demolition of heritage buildings within and outside the conservation area must be stopped and that conservation and development of heritage city are made sustainably.
  • The heritage buildings that will be restored, redesigned or demolished must be reviewed and a decision made by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and relevant authorities.



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