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We are a full service general practice law office in the Kingdom of Cambodia, serving our clients’ needs since 2010. We have a well-established reputation as a major legal services provider in Cambodia with a clear vision for our clients’ success and growth, earning trust from both local and foreign businesses and investors, as well as private individuals who seek our tax and legal assistance. Our lawyers and advisors are trained in Cambodian law and foreign practice, with many of them having studied in Europe and North America.

Latest News

Sithisak Advises Royal Railway in Its $10M Issuance of Debt Securities

  Sithisak advises Royal Railway Plc. on its SERC-registered offering of $10 million of corporate bonds with coupon rate of 7% per annum and maturity date on 10 October 2032. Sithisak... Read More

Legal Update: Amendment to (7) and (8) of Article 3 in the Prakas No.013 DNS/Br.K/Ni.K on Formalities and Procedure for Issuance of Construction Permit

Issue: No.010 /22 -28 June 2022 On 20 January 2022, the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (the “Ministry”) has been issued a Prakas No. 013 DNS/Br.K/Ni.K on... Read More

Legal Update: Reformation of the Formula for Registering Immovable Property as a Spouse’s Separate Property

Issue: No.009 /22 – 21 June 2022 On 06 June 2022, the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (the “Ministry”) has issued a Letter No. 1391 DNS/OSDP to... Read More

Re-Announcement of Chinese Desk

[English below] 中国业务部的再次公示 我们很高兴地再次公示中国业务部于 2018 年 10 月 1 日应我们律所业务扩张的需求设立以来,其支持和满足了我们在柬埔寨的中国客户不断增长的业务需求。 中国业务部将继续致力于为在柬埔寨的中国公司和投资者提供周到的服务。 我们期待您在未来继续给予指导和支持。 我们的联系方式: Doris女士 中国业务部合伙人 hanli.doris@sithisak-lawoffice.com/hanli.doris@gmail.com 或 SON Sokeng先生 负责人 sokeng.son@sithisak-lawoffice.com RE-ANNOUNCEMENT OF CHINESE DESK We are pleased to re-announce Chinese Desk from October 1, 2018 as part of our business expansion, which... Read More

Announcement of the Japan Desk

We are pleased to announce the opening of Japan Desk from May 1, 2022 onward in order to support the growing business needs of our Japanese clients in Cambodia... Read More

Legal update: Amendment on Law on Commercial Enterprises

Issue: No. 004P/22 22 February 2022 On this 29 January 2022, the Amendment Law to the Law on Commercial Enterprise which was promulgated introducing several changes. The Amendment Law has: Abrogated article... Read More

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  • February 12, 2019

Real Estate Project

Assisting and advising to a Cambodian and Chinese joint venture company in its real estate project with amount more than USD 100 million

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