Major recent projects and our experiences

Corporate, Commercial and Investment

  • Advising on and assist in business set-up (including the set-up of a new brand company, branch or subsidiary…etc.), business change details, regulatory compliances, and general advice for various local and international companies;
  • Advising on and assist in applying the license/certification/registration at Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training;
  • Advised and assist a major wholesale supermarket in Cambodia and an American beverage company on the products registration, corporate compliance and in preparing various agreements, including supply agreement, sale-purchase of products, distribution agreement, wholesale and retails agreement and other agreements supported to their business operation;
  • Assisting and advising Chinese Company in applying for investment from Council for the Development of Cambodia in health sector;
  • Assisted several clients in the filing of Annual Declaration of Commercial Enterprise for the Company; and
  • Assisting and advising various companies in several labour compliances area, including but not limited to company and staff registration at Ministry of labour and Vocational Training (“MLVT”) and at National Social Security Fund (“NSSF”); advice and assistance in matters related to shop-steward and its election, labour trade union, labour outsourcing, labour dispute resolution and investigation on employee misconduct, employment of foreign work force and work permit, staff lay-off and compensation; and in preparing employment contracts, internal labour regulation, HR and employment policies including but not limited to employment entitlements, seniority payment, working hours, overtime, employment contract termination as well as labour due diligence during M&A and IPO process.

Real Estate & Construction

With years of experiences and extensive knowledge in real estate, we provided real estate support services to various companies of both local and non-local companies from various sectors including but limited to architecture and engineering companies, hotel and restaurant, bank and financial institutions, beverage and other manufacturing companies, real estate investment companies, hospital, school, and non-governmental organizations. We have been involved in all aspects of the real estate process including but not limited to:

  • Drafting, reviewing, revising and negotiating on immovable Property Sale-Purchase Agreement, Long Term Lease Agreement, Hypothec Agreement, Mortgage, Guarantee, Security Agreement and Condominium and co-owned buildings internal regulation etc;
  • Conducting substantial due diligence on immovable property prior to the significant purchases with relevant authorities at Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (MLUC), at Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (DLUC) and cadastral offices;
  • Coordinating with government officials in registration/ de-registration of Hypothec, long term lease agreement and registration of ownership transfer at MLUC and DLUC;
  • Applying for permits, licenses and other entitlements, i.e. construction license, construction permit, certificate of occupancy, and various licenses at MLUC and DLUC;
  • Preparing Legal Opinion in relation to establishment, construction of condominiums and co-owned buildings, apartments; and
  • Applying valuer and realtor licenses at Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Capital Market, Banking and Financing

Capital Market and Securities Sector

  • Acted as legal counsel to a leading commercial Bank in Cambodia (ACLEDA BANK PLC), in the process of listing on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (“CSX”) through an IPO;
  • Acted as legal counsel to a Phnom Penh Autonomous Port (PPAP) in the process of listing on the CSX through an IPO;
  • Assisted a foreign garment company in conducting a legal due diligence for its proposed listing;
  • Assisting two SMEs in conducting a legal due diligence for its proposed listing on the growth board of the Cambodia Securities Exchange; and
  • Assisted a Securities Firm in drafting an underwriting agreement with a state owned company.

Banking and Finance industry

  • Prepared various agreements and advising to a leading commercial bank in Cambodia on properties restructuring with the amount approximately USD 100 million;
  • Legal advisory services to one of shareholders of a leading commercial bank in the process of listing on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX);
  • Assisting and advising a leading commercial bank in Cambodia in the process of listing on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX);
  • Being a panel lawyer for several foreign commercial banks to assist in witnessing on loan documents and registration/deregistration of encumbrance with cadastral office and notarization of all relevant facilities and hypothec agreements;
  • Being a panel lawyer for a leading commercial bank and a branch of foreign bank to assist in legal representation in civil proceeding to recover the default loan;
  • Legal advisory service to a foreign commercial bank in the process of seeking for the NBC’s approval on shares acquisition in one of the biggest local MFI;
  • Legal advisory service for project finance, merger and acquisition in banking transaction; and
  • Advised and prepared different types of loans and securities documents for the newly established commercial banks, specialized bank, and leasing company.

Litigation and Dispute Resolutions

  • Represented a foreign Casino in a dispute resolution at NCAC for substantial claim; and at provincial and Phnom Penh court or first instance for injunction case with regard to dispute over termination of lease agreement;
  • Represented a branch of Taiwanese commercial bank in Cambodia in rejecting an injunction request over the asset of its clients;
  • Represented shareholders of a well-known hotel in Siem Reap province in a dispute resolution with its director;
  • Assisted foreign bank and insurance corporation agency in setting a long-lasting dispute on funding of a real estate development project in Phnom Penh;
  • Represented Chinese investors in real estate sector in taking criminal action related to fraud and breach of trust;
  • Assisted various client in issuing lawyer notice letter on contract termination, demand for repayment of loan and overdue amount of money, and on various other issues;
  • Represented numbers of clients in real estate sector in settling dispute related to real estate sale and purchase agreement, real estate development projects and other land disputes; our assistant include filling of motion for preservative relief, filing substantial claim for civil and criminal case, where applicable, and filing for execution of final court judgement;
  • Represented various other clients in several civil and criminal proceeding of all court jurisdictions and in out-off court dispute resolution; and
  • Being a panel lawyer for a leading Cambodian Commercial bank, a branch of foreign bank and a subsidiary bank to assist in legal representation in civil proceeding to recover the default loan.


  • Advised and assisted a life insurance company to apply for insurance business license and related license from the insurance regulator in Cambodia;
  • Advised and assisted a life insurance company to apply for approval on share transfer, nomination of directors/chairman, change address, amendment of the company’s articles of incorporation from the relevant regulators in Cambodia;
  • Advised and reviewed the standard insurance contracts, insurance consultant contracts, insurance policy, as well as the terms and conditions of the insurance products of an insurance company;
  • Advised an insurance company on the applying for approval on products from the insurance regulators in Cambodia;
  • Provided general legal advice on insurance and regulatory compliance mater to different insurance companies and agencies in Cambodia; and
  • Translated on insurance technical term and conditions, policy and relevant documents in insurance sector.