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Legal Compliance Alert: Reminder on Reporting to NBC

Issue: No. 014P/21-1 March 2021

For upcoming month in March 2021, the Banks and Financial Institutions are required to submit the reports to National Bank of Cambodia no later than 31 March each calendar year.

On 13 September 2006, National Bank of Cambodia “NBC” issued Prakas on Reporting Date for Commercial Banks and Specialized Banks “Prakas”, requiring to Commercial Banks and Specialized Banks to submit all Periodic Reports to the National Bank of Cambodia.

Besides, requirement to submit the reports according to the date fixed for Periodic Reports to submit to the NBC; furthermore, the Prakas also stated about fines for the case of non-compliance of the obligations of reports.

NBC issued a circular on due date and reporting periodic of the Banks dated 22 March 2012, for purpose of straightening the implement the Prakas of reporting date for Commercial Banks and Specialized Bank by detail the date and time in submission of those reports.

To be reminded that, the Annual Report, Business Plan, Audited Financial Statement shall be submitted to the NBC no later than 31 March of the following year.

In relation to the above-mentioned Reports, please refer to the relevant Prakas and Circulars as below:

Prakas No. B7-04-204 Prokor, dated 29 December 2004 on “Annual Audit of Financial Statement of Banks and Financial Institutions”.

Prakas No. B7-06-211 Prokor, dated 13 September 2006 on “Reporting Date for Commercial Banks and Specialized Banks”.

Prakas No.  B7-10-172 Prokor, dated 28 September 2010 on “Internal Control of Bank and Financial Institutions”.

Circular No. B7-012-004, dated 22 March 2012 on “Date and Time for submission reports of Banks and Financial institutions”.

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Disclaimer: The article is merely for general information purposes. It does not constitute a legal advice on the subject matter.