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Legal update: Amendment on Law on Commercial Rules and Registrar

Issue: No. 005P/22 22 February 2022

The Amendment Law to the Law on Commercial Rules and Registrar was promulgated at the same time with the Amendment to the Law on Commercial Enterprise on 29 January 2022 (“Amendment law”). The Amendment Law has amended Article 11, 14, 17 and Article 26 of the Law on Amendment of the Law on Commercial Rules and Registrar dated 18 November 1999 and Article 47 of the Law on Commercial Rules and Registrar dated 26 June1995.

The Amendment Law has made change to the requirements for filing the commercial registration for merchant (art.14-New (2)) and company (art.17-New (2)) as follow:

  • Business objectives shall be in accordance with the Cambodian Economic Standard Classification which was promulgated by Royal Government of Cambodia.
  • The logo requirement is optional;
  • The removal of the requirement of signature sample and corporate seal sample;
  • Removal of requirement for company on submission of the bank confirmation on the capital deposit from the bank.

Art, 26-New (2) of the same also clarify on which documents the Commercial registration official shall issue upon the filed written affidavit and documents. The previous art. 26-New (1) has referred the Certificate of registration as “Extract”, while the new law has clearly specified that the documents to be issued shall include the Certificate of registration along with an extract which shall bear an exclusive identification number.

Another significant amendment the Amendment Law has introduced is the obligation of the merchant and the director of a company to implement the accounting and auditing rule in accordance with the Law on accounting and auditing of Cambodia and other related regulation in force (art. 47-New), which is slightly different from the previous art.47, which only mention the accounting rule compliance obligation.

We hope that the above legal update is helpful for your investment and help you to invest more confidently.




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