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Legal Update: Instruction on the Implementation of Tax Obligation for Public Administrative Institutions

Issue: No. 015P/23 20 September 2023

On 13 September 2023, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (the “MEF”) issued Instruction No. 021 SHV.S.Nr.N.GDT on the Implementation of Tax Obligation for Public Administrative Institution (the “Instruction”).

This Instruction is intended to facilitate the performance of tax obligations and​ the management the tax collection to ensure efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness. The MEF has guided the performance of tax obligations for Public Administrative Institutions as follows:

Guidance on Performance of Tax Obligations for Public Administrative Institutions
Obligation of Registration and Information Update A.      Public Administrative Institutions shall register with the tax administration within 15 days after commencing economic activities or other activities or after receiving a registration certification letter or permit issued by relevant ministries or institutions.

B.      Public Administrative Institutions shall notify or update any information to the tax administration within 15 days after changing its address, form, name, business objective, transfer, cessation of business, company management, or person responsible for tax matters.

Patent Tax Patent Tax shall be exempted for any activities of Public Administrative Institutions as part of the public service of its mission for public interest.
Value Added Tax (VAT) A.      The income of the Public Administrative Institutions received from the state budget subsidies and the income received upon completing its public service fee mission such as the public service fee attached to the annex of the ministry’s budget, technical guardian institutions, or other contributions, which are not subject to VAT.

B.      Any credit of VAT Input paid by the Public Administration Institutions to the suppliers is not allowed as VAT credit and to refund.

Tax on Income Income tax shall be exempted for income received from the state budget subsidies and the public service fees, including other incomes, in order to serve public service as part of its mission and without any portion of the property or such income being used for personal gain.
Other Taxes The Public Administrative Institutions shall perform their obligations as withholding tax agents in accordance with Article 25, Article 26, and Article 31 of the Law on Taxation, and shall pay tax on salary and other taxes in accordance with laws and regulations in force.
Submission of Tax Declaration


Public Administrative Institutions are required to submit monthly tax declarations and annual tax declarations to the tax administrative. This submission shall be made as per the application, working hours, and location specified by the tax administrative, regardless of with or without tax payment obligation.




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