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Legal Update: Prakas on Modality and Procedure of Administrative Sanctions and Transitional Fines in Trust Sector

Issue: No. 002P/24 16 January 2024

On 03 January 2024, the Non-Banking Financial Services Authority (the “FSA”) issued a Prakas No. 002 FSA Br.K on Modality and Procedure of Administrative Sanctions and Transitional Fines in Trust Sector, which compose of 9 chapters and 24 articles (the “Prakas”). This Prakas aims to determine the rule, modality, and procedure of administrative sanctions and transitional fines as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations related to the trust sector in Cambodia.

Competent Authority

The trust inspector is empowered to take action on the administrative sanctions and transitional fines against the person who is not complying with the existing Trust Law and relevant regulations.

Payment of Fines and Transitional Fines

The person who got a fine or transitional fine from the trust inspector shall pay the fine or transitional fine to the trust inspector within 15 days upon the receipt of decision of fine or transitional fine. In case of late payment less than 30 days, an amount of 2% (two percent) will be added into the fine or transitional fine amount. For any late payment more than 30 days, the trust inspector may impose more administrative sanctions for the fine, and may refer the case to the competent court for the transitional fine.

Administrative Measures

The trust inspector can take administrative measures against person who failed to comply with the requirement of license, permit, registration, or recognition in any of the following form:

  • Warning;
  • Correction direction;
  • Restriction on license, permit, registration or recognition;
  • Restriction on trust asset administration, management and/or maintenance;
  • Suspension of license, permit, registration or recognition;
  • Suspension or dismissal from board members and senior officer; and
  • Revocation of license, permit, registration or recognition.

Procedure for Imposing Administrative Sanctions and Transitional Fines

Prior to impose any sanctions or fines, the trust inspector shall provide a chance to violated person to provide an explanation, in writing or verbal, within a given timeframe.


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