Registration of Foreigner in the Foreigners Present in Cambodia System

On early April 2020, the Minister of the Ministry of Interior(“MOI”) has approved that visa extension will not be granted for Foreigners whose names are not registered in the Foreigners Present in Cambodia System (“FPCS”) by 1st July 2020.

In the application of Article 18, 20 and 22 of Law on Immigration and the Instruction No.009 of the MOI on the Management of Present of Foreigners in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the electronic application form was created in 2019 to record information about foreigners staying in the Kingdom.

Under Instruction 028 dated 9 July 2019, all accommodation owners or tenants are required to report the presence of foreigners who stay at their place to the Commune/Sangkat Authority within 24 hours or through written form or through online system of FPCS. Otherwise, foreigner will not have their visa extension granted. The same obligation is also applied to foreigner who own the accommodation in Cambodia.

According to the latest news, the measure of not granting visa extension to foreigner who does not have their names registered in the system is expected to be implemented from 1st July 2020.

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